Why Choose Web Based Mapping

Web Based Mapping systems offer more functionality than trip planning or establishing cost-effective shipping routes. New tools help business transform GIS and web based mapped into new services that increase functionality. GIS tools and applications were once limited to governments, scientific industries, and mining organizations. The new technology has only been available to the general public in recent years.

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Developers are working rapidly to expand the scope and power behind the Geospatial software programs. Today the web allows GIS data to be distributed through new tools and technologies. Today's tools can work with GPS systems; touch screen interfaces, PC browsers, and mobile devices. The new tools include 3-D, audio, and image mapping.

The industry is constantly working to find new ways to reap the benefits of the spatial data-sharing, which makes tools available to the average user. There are arguments that these new technologies and data should be called GIS at all.

In the past, highly technical maps were unreadable. They were used for everything from transport and marketing, to wild life management and urban planning. High-end systems can process thousands of data points and layers, creating a floodplain or urban layout. GIS has changed the marketplace and expanded beyond its developers creativity could ever have imagined. Today's GIS software has transformed into a user-friendly interface with mass appeal. As the population replaces television with the web, the opportunities become practically endless.

Geospatial intelligence is exploding. The expanding interfaces have increased the ability to collect and share data. The sharing is making the systems more powerful. Urban centers can collect data from immigration, weather, migration patterns, wildlife, and economic and social organizations. Combining this information gives government and companies a wider range of data. This improves their project planning and management.

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The Web Based Mapping companies are working to create software that can be used with other people's application. Today the GIS information is used for everything from picking the best place for a strip mall to tracking convicted sex offenders.

Client server applications are enhancing what the GIS systems do giving people access to tools that were once the exclusive domain of engineers and scientists. Today, it is not considered unusual to see a mining company working with Google Earth.

Web based mapping has the power to interact between departments in a way that was never available before. Developers can 3-D models of buildings, giving them an almost life-like visual of the building and how it interacts with the surrounding cityscape. The developers can then lay the gas lines, buried electrical, wire optic lines, water and gutters. It will eve reveal how the building will affect the wind and thermal drafts.

Today's programs are succeeding where others failed by eliminating the jurisdictional and property issues that bog-down other projects. The implications go far beyond deploying military and emergency personnel in the midst of a natural disaster. Web Based Mapping is so functional that operators can create maps and manipulate data from a mobile device while in on their way to their destination.

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