Introduction to GIS Web Hosting

GIS Web Hosting services accommodate Geographical Information System (GIS) applications for organizations that need to take advantage of the productivity improvements available with GIS, but do not wish to invest in developing an in-house GIS.

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The geographic information system (GIS) is also known as a geospatial information system, or in some countries it is known as Geomatics. It can be hosted effectively, releasing resources the business client can dedicate to other departments.

A good GIS Web Hosting service helps small businesses step into the global data retrieval industry. Smaller businesses cannot afford to purchase GIS software or training in the complex programming needed to operate the GIS software.

The system is a tool or computer methodology used to collect, store, analyze, and manage data and attributes which are spatially referenced to earth. End users have ready access to their data using standard web browsers.

The GIS application is highly configurable. It can be configured to allow access to authorized users, or set to open for access by the general public. The system can be designed around customized user interfaces tailored to retrieve information and input new data within a specific industry.

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A GIS system presents a unique set of challenges. The basic set up outlines a 10-stage process for successfully deploying GIS.

  • Define strategic purpose.
  • Structure the planning.
  • Establish technology requirements.
  • Categorize the end products.
  • Challenge the system boundaries.
  • Flow Chart the data design.
  • Select the data model.
  • Establish system requirements.
  • Analyze the benefits and costs.
  • Create an implementation plan.

All deployment situations create a unique set of challenges. It is not always easy to move from the idea to implementation without returning to the drawing board several times. It is vital to find a host that understands this and is willing to work with their business clients to enable them to reach their maximum potential.

In this way, the web hosting strategy offers more benefits than in-house. The pros at the hosting companies work with multiple companies using the system for an incalculable amount of systems across the globe. They have more experience than any in-house system could ever dream of accumulating.

Their value increases within their problem solving strategies. Before getting started a small business should consider some of the fundamentals. The first step is to create a vision of what the company wants. Do not limit the parameters at this stage. The cadastral or parcel mapping processes begin with extensive research of source documents that will include tax records, legal descriptions, surveys or deeds. This is reconciled against aerial photography.

The collection of data varies based on whether the information is needed for the agricultural sector, forestry, scientific, or urban. This is currently the fastest growing technology on the earth.

Currently, experts predict that every object on earth's surface can be easily geo-referenced. The system works on the premise that every form of data can be related to a map.

"A butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil and causes a hurricane in Florida." Is it true? Today's GIS Web Hosting systems can give engineers, planners and managers the tools needed to answer the question.

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